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Introducing Full Face Cellular Regenerative Rejuvenation

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The Future of Beauty has arrived.

The Full Face Cellular Regenerative Rejuvenation is a revolutionary new cosmetic procedure which uses your body’s own Stem Cells to rejuvenate and regenerate facial tissue restoring volume and structural loss.

The procedure involves isolating Mesenchymal Stem Cells from your bodies fat stores and injecting them into the face to restore facial volume and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

The process is performed by a Cosmetic Surgeon and takes approximately 60 minutes.

  • Restores facial volume without using Hyaluronic Acid

  • Adds facial volume and corrects wrinkles and rejuvenates fine wrinkles

  • Fast Procedure performed by Cosmetic Surgeon under local Anaesthetic

  • Uses the bodies own cells to regenerate the facial tissue

  • Your Stem Cells are collected without the use of Enzymes or Centrifuge

Full Face Cellular Regenerative Rejuvenation


PRICE FROM from $3500


After a thorough consultation with a surgeon that confirmed the patient as suitable, a Cosmetic Surgeon will inject local anaesthetic into a patient’s abdomen before making a very small incision to administer a Tumescent Solution (a pre-prepared mixture of Saline, anaesthetic and adrenaline) into the fat by way of a small cannula.

The Tumescent Solution is well researched as an effective method to release the fat from surrounding tissue to provide a healthier aspiration (extraction) of the adipose fat. A waiting time of 7 – 10 minutes then allows the Tumescent Solution to take full affect.

A smaller cannula is then attached to a Vacuum Lock Syringe and the Surgeon will perform an aspiration of the Tumescent treated area and obtain the required amount of adipose tissue to perform your specific procedure. Most treatments will require as little as 50 ml of aspirated tissue to obtain adequate stem cells after processing to perform your procedure.

The filter is then primed with Saline and the patient’s collected Adipose tissue is injected into the Beauty Stem device completely suspended in the saline to preserve stem cell viability.

No enzymes are added to the patient’s aspirated tissue and no centrifuge occurs in order to separate your Stem Cells from the tissue. This is important as both these treatments are researched to show that they impair cell viability.

The purified Stem Cells are then extracted from the system and immediately ready to be injected.


Because this process is using the bodies own stem cells, results will vary largely dependant on the age and health of the individual. Individuals can expect a fuller more youthful appearance with reduced visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.


Your Cosmetic Surgeon is required to have a consultation with you to assess your suitability for any Cosmetic procedure.

Once your surgeon has established you are suitable for the cosmetic treatment they will provided you with specific preparation targeted at your particular needs prior to any treatment being performed.



  • Restoration of facial volumes and wrinkles correction
  • Fine Wrinkles Correction
  • Youthfulness Restoration
  • Full Facial Regeneration
  • Scar-related Conditions (e.g acne)


  • Treatment of hypertrophic scars


Anyone deemed not suitable after a thorough consultation by a surgeon or does not qualify under the new guidelines for cosmetic surgery and treatments.



  • Restoration of facial volumes and wrinkles correction
  • Fine Wrinkles Correction
  • Youthfulness Restoration
  • Full Facial Regeneration
  • Scar-related Conditions (e.g acne)


  • Treatment of hypertrophic scars


  • Your surgeon will provide you with their post procedure guidelines.
  • Although it varies according to patient specific situation, in general you will have a very small incision that will require closing and kept free from germs/ contaminates as any wound post surgery.
  • Your surgeon may also recommend the usage of a compression bandage around the abdomen. 
  • As each patient is different you may experience mild pain, discomfort or an awareness around your aspiration site. 


Your surgeon will provide patient specific details for you.

This is a Surgical Procedure and therefore all of your surgeon’s recommendations must be strictly adhered to.

You should expect that your surgeon will recommend no strenuous activity for a period of 3-5 days so therefore plan your treatment around these guidelines but you must always consult your surgeon about their expected outcomes and your post procedure behaviours.


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